IABC is the new PMI
This is my site Written by Alora on June 28, 2008 – 2:23 pm

This assertion could, of course, just be hubris: after all, I’ve spent a decade running in Project Management circles and have only recently started dipping my toes in Communications circles, but one of the most interesting things about this year’s IABC 2008 International Conference was listening to the speakers (at the general sessions) encourage members to help the IABC’s new certification program build credibility by participating.

I kept thinking to myself, “This must what a PMI Conference used to sound like a decade ago, before everyone and their brother knew what a Project Management Professional certification was.”

Of course, now any high level project management job absolutely requires a PMP with almost the same degree of ubiquity that it requires a bachelor’s degree. So, if the International Association of Business Communicators stays focused, upholds the integrity of their credential brand, encourages their best and brights to help blaze the trail, then there is no reason to believe that they can’t see similar results.

Now if only Change Management had a similar formal organizing body and standards.