Speaking at ProjectWorld
This is my site Written by Alora on November 25, 2008 – 3:44 pm

I recently went to Orlando to spend four days at ProjectWorld and the World Congress of Business Analysts Flagship. While taking a trip half-way across the country while in the midst of a job hunt is not necessarily the world’s most prudent idea, I had agreed to speak at the conference last summer when the plan at the time was that we would be living in Orlando by now. Our change to Austin didn’t happen until after I had already committed.

My speech was part of the Program & Portfolio Management track and entitled: “You Gotta Walk Before You Can Run: Getting Started with Portfolio Management” and it was based on the past year’s worth of work I did getting a portfolio management process up and running.

Here is a (slightly embarrassing) clip from the event. (Clearly I need to practice in front of a camera a bit, since my face-to-camera interview skills at a bit awkward. Fortunately the actual presentation itself was a bit better.)

All in all, I got positive feedback on my presentation, including several follow-up questions via email from project management professionals who are struggling with different elements of implementing a portfolio management process in their organization. The experience was very worthwhile, and I’m glad I went, even if it did take a rather expensive bite out of both my time and my savings.

It was a good reminder, though, that I do like public speaking and that this is an area of my career I have wanted to develop for quite a while. The video provided some good lessons about areas where I need some work, so now my focus is on making progress in those areas in preparation for the next time I have a speaking engagement.

As is always the case at events like this, there are keynote speakers covering all kinds of topics, of varying degrees of interest. Unfortunately, because I am in the middle of a job hunt and had several phone interviews lined up, I missed a few of the speakers, but following are my thoughts on the ones I did see.