Matt Cutts from Google Announces Friend Connect API at PubCon South
This is my site Written by Alora on March 12, 2009 – 11:51 am

Matt CuttsMatt Cutts from the Google Webspam Team announced the launch of Google’s Friend Connect API during his keynote speech this morning at PubCon South in Austin.

The official announcement will be posted by Google later this morning, but Matt took took the opportunity to share the good news with the PubCon crowd during his remarks. A long-time attendee of PubCon, Matt is a leader in the search engine industry, and is credited with helping change the nature of the relationship between search engine teams and webmasters.

Thanks to the hard work of several different teams at Google, Matt unvieled the value of the OpenSocial-based Friend Connect API to the SEO professionals attending PubCon: the biggest benefit being in helping to foster online community (by making it faster and easier for readers to leave comments on blogs) and by helping to discourage web spam by bots (by requiring validation).

As part of the release, the Web Spam Team developed three proof-of-concept plugins to accompany the release, and which Matt shared with the audience in Austin this morning:

Matt is quick to point out that none of the members of his team responsible for this work had ever built plugins before, and that they really are just proofs of concept.

The code will be placed on later today available for download. Since they are entirely open source, Matt eagerly encouraged the audience to build on what was there to make them better for their own sites.

The Friend Connect API will work with Yahoo! or OpenID accounts, as well as a Google account.

In the early days of search, the relationship between search teams and individual website managers was highly adversarial. It has been through the on-going interfacing between industry insiders, like Matt, with real world business owners and web practitioners that has helped foster the knowledge share and on-going evolution that is essential to the search engine optimization sector today, particularly when it comes to the eternal battle with webspam.

Photo credit from Matt Cutt’s website, from a previous PubCon event.

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