StrengthsFinder2.0 – Activator
This is my site Written by Alora on August 5, 2009 – 5:59 pm

Definition of “Activator” from StrengthsFinder2.0:

Driven by your talents, you trust your expertise and knowledge of special topics to guide your decision-making. You act quickly when your choices directly relate to your areas of mastery and past success. By nature, you regularly set up rivalries between yourself and others. Your take-charge style ordinarily allows you to create opportunities where you can vie for the top prize or championship title. Instinctively, you can design innovative plans. You probably raise issues and identify recurring obstacles as you generate tactical options. Problems and possible solutions become apparent to you. Once you outline action steps, you quickly execute them one by one. You refuse to waste time questioning your ideas after everything has been set into motion. It’s very likely that you celebrate the achievements and successes of individuals and groups. You compliment them. Your enthusiasm energizes people and makes them eager to tackle the task at hand. Time and again you say and do things that re-invigorate their minds, bodies, and spirits. Chances are good that you are comfortable telling others stories about your personal habits, qualities, experiences, or background. Your forthcoming nature probably enables others to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

This came back as my #1 strength. The only thing I do not think is accurate is setting up rivalries with other people. I rarely actually do that — and, in fact, am often surprised to discover that other people will sometimes consider me a rival. Chalk it up to my hippy country upbringing, but I tend to fall more on the Kumbaya side of the team equation than the cut-throat side.

All in all, however, the rest of the description is extremely accurate. One of the things that we discussed in class was that supporting research has indicated that while most people require upwards of 70% of information on a topic before they feel comfortable making a decision, Activators are notorious for pulling the trigger with as little as 30%. I find this both fascinating and hysterical.

It’s fascinating, because I cannot fathom waiting around to have 70% of information before even beginning to move on something. As is apparently common among other Activators, I will typically come from the assumption that movement in the right general direction is better than no movement at all, and that I can correct and refine course as needed, rather than sit around waiting to get started.

It’s hysterical because this is the quality in me that most makes my husband absolutely bonkers. Now I have a more robust understanding of why — and it helps me remember that this isn’t something that most people actually share. Which helps me be more patient with how much anxiety this quality produces in Charles.

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