StrengthsFinder2.0 – Strategic
This is my site Written by Alora on August 15, 2009 – 6:13 pm

Definition of “Strategic” from StrengthsFinder2.0:

Chances are good that you can reconfigure factual information or data in ways that reveal trends, raise issues, identify opportunities, or offer solutions. You bring an added dimension to discussions. You make sense out of seemingly unrelated information. You are likely to generate multiple action plans before you choose the best one. Driven by your talents, you select the right combination of words to convey your ideas or feelings. In the middle of discussions, your vocabulary provides you with precise phrases and terminology. You probably express yourself with ease and grace. Because of your strengths, you generate innovative ideas. You offer unique perspectives on events, people, and proposals. You probably inspire people to start projects and launch initiatives. You tend to identify a goal, devise numerous ways of reaching it, then choose the best alternative. This explains why you see opportunities, trends, and solutions before your teammates, classmates, or peers see them. It’s very likely that you characteristically find the right words to express whatever you are thinking. You offer explanations, discuss ideas, give examples, or share stories. You effectively use the spoken word. By nature, you customarily pinpoint the core problems and identify the best solutions. You artfully and skillfully eliminate distractions. This helps people gain a clear understanding of what is happening and why it is happening. You frequently identify ways to transform an obstacle into an opportunity.

This is my #2 strength, according to StrengthsFinder. This one is more interesting and less obvious to me, because over the years I have seen it manifest itself very, very differently depending on the environment in which I was working.

The clearest example of this I see, however, is in trouble-shooting. Way back in the day, trouble-shooting technical problems in complex systems was part of my daily routine. There were a small handful of us who would always be enlisted to participate, even though our official titles might not have indicated that we were the most appropriate people for that task. However, in looking back at it, in conjunction with this description, I now see the common thread: we were all strategic thinkers who could shift between different dimensions of a system seamlessly, and communicate with others in a way that synthesized the complexity without over-simplifying it in a way that stripped it of critical detail.

Of course, I was 27 at the time, and was lucky to work in an environment where this was a relatively common skill. It would be several years and at least a couple more jobs down the line before I would discover how uncommon that team of people and our bizarrely intuitive skill set really were.

And even though, these days, I apply these skills more in a general business context, this strength is never clearer to me than it was back in 2003.

Very interesting.

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