StrengthsFinder2.0 – Command
This is my site Written by Alora on September 10, 2009 – 6:46 pm

Definition of “Command” from StrengthsFinder2.0:

Instinctively, you earnestly apply yourself to seeing things as they really are. You bring a practical, matter-of-fact, and unsentimental outlook to various discussions, projects, or planning meetings. It’s very likely that you seem willing to take chances. You frequently venture into unknown territory when that can make the difference between capturing first place and finishing in second or third place. By nature, you like advancing on your own. You enjoy defying the odds. You find limited satisfaction in pursuing the easiest, the most popular, or the accepted course of action. Driven by your talents, you approach most win-lose situations in a practical and realistic manner. When you are intent on being victorious, you automatically extinguish any sentimental feelings you have toward your rivals. Chances are good that you might enjoy assisting certain groups by sharing your innovative thoughts with them. Perhaps people rely on you to present more creative proposals or solutions than anyone else.

Strength #5, according to the assessment. This would be the heart of my allergy to the path of least resistance. It would also be the heart of my ability to avoid getting sentimental, even when most other people around me are.

This one is interesting to me, because it’s the one that I see other people respond to the most — even when I don’t realize I’m projecting it. It’s also the one that I least often recognize that I’m manifesting in the moment, until I see someone’s reaction.

On the other hand, again, I think this one is part of what has made me a good project manager. One of the weaknesses I often see in my vocation is a predisposition towards one discipline at the expense of the others — e.g. development, engineering, design, etc.

I see the success of a project manager as being critical to that objectivity, specifically to avoid being drawn into any political tug-of-wars between different teams. It was years into my career before I started realizing that I tend to walk that line more rigorously than many of my peers. I also suspect that walking that line is why there have been times when I’ve found my chosen profession to be highly taxing and frustrating.

My aversion to following the crowd definitely comes from this strength, though. My need to prove that I can do something on my own and my overwhelming need for it to stand out among my peers is rooted in this one.

This one is probably the one that gets me into the most trouble — because it can both get me in over my head and be highly off-putting to other people. But it’s also probably the one that’s opened the most doors that have led to the most fun — both personally and professionally. I think this one is largely where my innate ability to inspire confidence in others comes from. And that skill has served me better than most.

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