Northwest Austin Business Connections
This is my site Written by Charles on December 11, 2009 – 12:51 pm

The Northwest Austin Business Connections‘ current VP of Programming and incoming President, Laura V. Romero, asked The Indigo Heron Group to join their weekly luncheon as featured speakers.  After a few minutes of the usual networking and organizational announcements, Indigo Heron’s own Alora Chistiakoff led off a flawless presentation about how dramatically the online presence and content needs of businesses have changed over the past decade.

As we march forward into 2010, businesses need to recognize that a lot has changed from the early days of the web.  What was once under the strict purview of elusive technophiles, has morphed into the purview of marketing, and is now shifting again into the hands of the every-person.

It’s an exciting time to be on the web.  Finding your voice and expressing that to your customers is more important than ever.  Do you know how to put your best foot forward?