Words of praise for the Indigo Heron team.

“[E]nthusiasm is contagious and [their] commitment to unqualified success in tough situations is impressive.”
— Robert Honeycutt, CEO, Market Metrix, LLC

“[P]eel[s] back the layers in order to get at the heart of the matter, and thus keep an otherwise troubled project on track.”
— Steve Guine, Principal, SGHRC

“Her ideas, while forward-thinking, are rooted in reality. She’ll never offer any solution or suggestion that hasn’t been well thought out and planned.”
— Sierra Akselrod, Sr. Technical Producer, Anthropologie

“[A] great combination of business and technical skills.”
— Joshua-Michele Ross, SVP, Digital Strategies and Futures at Fleishman-Hillard

“[V]ery bright, talented and multi-faceted individual [who] has the ability to adapt as needed…with a unique mix of people, project, technical and operational skills.”
— Charles Cafaro, Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition at Sterling Infosystems

“[A]lways made decisions with a firm eye on the client’s needs.”
— Stephanie Renard, Director, Project Management at Archimedes, Inc.

“A rare talent when it comes to content development. The very first time we worked with Indigo Heron, they did an amazing job expertly hitting the mark with our content while operating under an impossibly tight deadline. It seems a big part of the ability to deliver is due to their unique structured inquiry processes. The process started with thorough information gathering that combined conducting tightly focused interviews with key personnel, reviewing company information and performing personal research. What was most astonishing was how quickly they were able to assimilate and synthesize all these inputs and generate a written message that perfectly balanced our business objectives with the needs of our target audience. It was as if they put themselves in our shoes and the shoes of our target customers at the same time. They were able to articulate a message that is exactly what we wanted to communicate . . . only better than we could have ever done ourselves!”
— John Fandel, Principal, DEPlabs

“[W]ill always go beyond expectations…leadership style enables her to be effective with managing various teams and personalities.”
— Tiger Faulkner, Owner, Tiger Professional Services

“[V]ery focused and drives tasks to completion…changed the fledgling group into a fully-functional business unit.  It was my pleasure to work with him and if presented the opportunity I would definitely do so again.”
— Josh S. Bond, Director, Database Services at Sterling Testing Systems

“[Q]uick and efficient… strong client… and inter-personal skills.”
— Benjamin Smith, Enphase Energy

“[A] chess-player’s ability to skip ahead several moves and see the real-world ramifications of alternative project strategies.”
— Joseph Naujokas, Sr. Consultant, BI Consulting Group

“[A] true professional with the knowledge and experience to handle any obstacle that comes her way… fantastic. Simply one of the best in the field.”
— Shavonda Allen, Managing Partner, Empowerty