Content Evaluation

Question: What exactly is a “content strategy?”
Answer: A content strategy is a plan to develop, manage and maintain the most appropriate content necessary for you to achieve your objectives.

Question: Where do I start?
Answer: The first step is to understand what you want to accomplish.

The Process

The development of a content strategy is a disciplined process of evaluation that starts with your (and your customers’) needs, and then identifies what it will take to accomplish those goals. We then factor in your skillsets and resources to help you build a plan that can be executed against, and understand best practices to sustain your long-term objectives.

While many content strategists focus on SEO-related content or social media-related content, The Indigo Heron Group starts with your core content, and then maps it across all channels to help you meet the demands that different parts of the web place on a business. We start with your website, and move out into the web ego-system from there.

Question: This sounds like a lot of work. Why should I bother?
Answer: Of course, it is possible to go it alone and skip developing a strategy. But most people find that having some help navigating the ‘rules of the road’ when it comes to developing channel-appropriate web content to make a huge difference in their ability to meet their objectives.

Chasing Ghosts

Most people go out looking for help with SEO or PPC or Social Media Marketing and don’t realize that no one can help you with those things without first evaluating and addressing the state of your content. Business that start out with good content are able to achieve success in other areas much more quickly and painlessly than those who don’t. And for most people, that starts with a plan.