Training Entrepreneurs
Indigo Heron’s goal is to help entrepreneurs maximize resources, including the web, to support the growth and development of their businesses. One of the first places that most small businesses struggle with best practices is in building their website. Indigo Heron provides training to individuals and teams to divide-and-conquer the basics of creating the best possible business website.

Indigo Heron eBusiness Training Courses

A strong website is a combination of multiple elements — technology, taxonomy, user design, social media and more. Most small businesses do not have the resources to dedicate to doing this well, so they either outsource the entire thing or do without. Outsourcing is expensive, and often slow in the face of necessary change. And doing without is increasingly dangerous, as more and more people are looking to the web to find business resources.

Indigo Heron can help you with everything from the installation of a light-weight CMS that allows you to control your own content, to learning the basics of Information Architecture to understand how best to organize your data, and the essentials of Search Engine Optimization so that your content can be found.

We also work with you to develop:

  • A strategy for on-going execution.
  • A detailed plan to make sure you know what steps to take, when and how.
  • An evaluation of possible partial out-sourcing solutions.
  • Goals and milestones to work towards.
  • How to measure success.
  • Ways in which Indigo Heron can support you with on-going assistance, refresher training or out-sourced solutions.

Managing your business web presence is a juggling act: what do you do yourself — and how — versus what you entrust to someone else? Should you mix-n-match, or go all-or-nothing? And how do you know? What are the factors to consider?

Answers can be different for each business, but getting objective, expert analysis to help you make that decision, design a plan and then — if you want or need — help you execute against it is fundamental to how Indigo Heron applies more than a decade of online experience to support entrepreneurial growth.

If you are interested in exploring how Indigo Heron can support your website growth, please contact us for more information.