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Kill Crappy Customer Service

Icon Written by Alora on June 9, 2010 – 11:13 am

Customer service can be the silver bullet that distinguishes a small business from its competitors. What is good customer service versus bad customer service?

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Qualities of a Great Speaker – Connecting with the Audience

Icon Written by Alora on April 18, 2009 – 10:50 am

The last speaking quality I want to cover in my series on what makes a quality public speaker is the ability of a speaker to connect with their audience. There are thousands of ways to do this, and how a speaker goes about it will often be dictated by a combination of their content (as […]

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Qualities of a Great Speaker – Authenticity

Icon Written by Alora on April 17, 2009 – 3:38 pm

In my original blog post on this topic, the second quality I listed as being necessary in a great speaker is authenticity. Authenticity is difficult to quantify, but we know it when we see it. And when it comes to a speaker, it makes a huge difference in how we view what they say. A […]

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Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Icon Written by Alora on March 30, 2009 – 9:27 pm

It’s probably a weird thing for a vocal atheist to quote, but there is something about the famous prayer that has been resonating with me more and more lately. Well, maybe not the “God” part of it, but the recognition part. Grant me strength to accept the things that I can’t change, the courage to […]

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The 1st Birthday of a Unique Corporate Blog – The Connection Cafe

Icon Written by Alora on March 30, 2009 – 9:23 pm

A year ago, Austin-based Convio launched a company blog: Connection Cafe. Unlike so many other company blogs, Convio decided to take a slightly different approach with the hope of gaining slightly different results. While many organizations opt for a CEO blog — particularly companies with in-demand CEO’s, like Convio’s Gene Austin — or a blog […]

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Three Questions to Ask (& Answer!) Before Starting a Customer Blog

Icon Written by Alora on March 5, 2009 – 1:11 am

In a recent conversation with a friend, we were discussing corporate blogging efforts to engage existing customers. After reading Joshua-Michele Ross‘ post recently, on the Wells Fargo/Wachovia merger blog, I was excited to see yet one more company prepare to engage customers in this forum. That is, until we started talking in more detail. It […]

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The Difference Between ‘An Opportunist’ and ‘A Great Brand’

Icon Written by Alora on February 19, 2009 – 2:58 pm

There may be no more pervasive and unsavory cliché about lawyers than ‘the ambulance chaser.’ The lawyer who follows an emergency medical team to the scene of an accident for the express purpose of leeching off the pain and misery of others – for the less-than-noble reason of making money – is generally regarded as […]

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Boss Lesson #1: Be Invested in Your People

Icon Written by Alora on December 21, 2008 – 10:13 pm

WordPress’ database isn’t big enough for me to list off everything I’ve learned from John over the years: about business, about change, about leadership, about being a workaholic, about managing clients, about corporate politics, etc. You name a topic, and I can probably find at least a handful of lessons I learned from him. I […]

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The Three-Legged Stool of Job Hunting

Icon Written by Alora on October 18, 2008 – 8:01 pm

Assuming that you are conscientious of being a buyer in your job hunt (and that you have the luxury of being discerning), there are three factors to keep in mind when deciding which position to take: The job itself – This would include everything from the title and the compensation to how much of your […]

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Job Hunting: Seller or Buyer?

Icon Written by Alora on October 5, 2008 – 6:43 pm

There is nothing easy about looking for a new job, though I do usually find something highly invigorating about it. However, there is one aspect of it that is always in need of being balanced: am I approaching a potential employers as a sales person with something I want them to buy or am I […]

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