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Qualities of a Great Speaker – Educational Value of Content

Icon Written by Alora on April 15, 2009 – 7:03 pm

As noted in my previous blog post on this topic, the first quality I believe is necessary in a great speaker is for them to be educational in some way. In my recent bout of conferences, I have seen speakers who fall all over the quality spectrum, but the ones that were truly good ensured […]

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Qualities of a Great Speaker

Icon Written by Alora on April 14, 2009 – 3:31 pm

I admit it: I am “an oratorical snob.” I have very high standards when it comes to what I like to hear and see from a speaker at an event or show. Having grown up in a small business-centric environment, public speaking is in my blood and I cut my teeth on motivational and business […]

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Speaking at ProjectWorld

Icon Written by Alora on November 25, 2008 – 3:44 pm

I recently went to Orlando to spend four days at ProjectWorld and the World Congress of Business Analysts Flagship. While taking a trip half-way across the country while in the midst of a job hunt is not necessarily the world’s most prudent idea, I had agreed to speak at the conference last summer when the […]

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